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Doctor talking to patient in hospital bed
Doctor talking to patient in hospital bed

Swing Bed Services

Swing bed is a short-stay, hospital-based program for patients who no longer need inpatient care but still require rehabilitation or skilled nursing care before returning home.

The Swing Bed Program at Crane Memorial Hospital allows your physician to "swing" your hospital level of care to a 24-hour skilled nursing care with treatments and therapies customized after surgery, injury, illness, or stroke. Swing bed patients are cared for on our acute care unit by our staff of well-trained health care professionals. You will receive high quality care close to friends, family, and loved ones. The length of stay varies, but the quality of care is consistent. Care could range from a few days to few weeks. Patients are required to participate in daily skilled services or rehabilitation care and must show that they are working toward set health goals. Your Interdisciplinary team will meet weekly, or as frequently as needed to discuss health goals and discharge plans based on your individual needs. The purpose of the Swing Bed Program is to give you more time to recover and re-gain your strength before leaving the hospital. Education will include use of use of devices and adaptive equipment, exercise techniques, preventative measures to reduce the risk of falls or injury. These valuable services help patients return home with the education they need to live independently – and safely- and can reduce the risk of relapsing and returning to the hospital for additional care. You may be referred to home health, continued skilled nursing facility, or Outpatient rehabilitation services for additional therapy to help you attain long-term recovery goals.

To qualify for admission to the Swing Bed Program, you must meet the criteria for Medicare and have a minimum stay in acute care of 3 nights, or approval from your healthcare insurance provider.